Profiles in Plant Chemical Ecology is a blog that was written and created by students in Plant Chemical Ecology: The Secret Life of Plants, an upper-division science program at The Evergreen State College. Guided by faculty members Lalita Calabria and Noelle Machnicki, students researched a wide array of topics related to plant chemical ecology focusing on a plant of interest. The blog is intended for a general audience, so students practiced translating technical scientific information into an engaging, understandable piece of science writing. Students were also required to include their own drawings of chemical structures (drawn using programs such as MolView or BKchem), photographs, and links to related web content.

Students participated in multiple rounds of peer and faculty review aimed at improving the quality and clarity of writing. Workshops and peer-mediated troubleshooting sessions helped students address the more technical aspects of using WordPress to format and publish their work. Throughout this process, students also learned about usage rights and the importance of proper attribution of non-original content published on the internet.

The information presented here is for educational purposes only.