How to submit a processing request and where to drop off your film on Evergreen’s Campus

Looking to get some film processed? We’re offering processing remotely now! The process for dropping off and picking up is a little different than it used to be so make sure you read all the instructions below before dropping off your film.

To get your film processed you must follow these steps

  • Tally your total for the amount of rolls and scans you want. After you’ve figured out your total, pay for your rolls and scans here.
    • $4.75 per roll for processing, scans are $8 per roll of 120 and $12 per roll of 35
  • Fill out the online film processing form and attach your receipt to your online processing form before submitting the form. A copy of the receipt will have been sent to your email.
  • Once you’ve paid and filled out the online processing form, you’re ready to drop off your film! The drop box is located on the outside of the 1st floor of the library building and is on the side door leading into the Cashier’s office. When you drop it off, IT MUST BE LABELED AND IN A BAG/ENVELOPE. Please write “PHOTOLAND” along with your name and phone number on your sealed envelope. Film that is without a label or without a bag, will not be processed.
  • Processing is done on Fridays. Your film must be dropped off by Thursday at noon to have it processed that same week – if it is dropped off after 12:00pm, it will be processed with the following week’s batch.