This page is only relevant for students, staff, and faculty of the Evergreen State College. If you are a community member using our services, please visit the “Community Members” page of our website for more information.

OUR SERVICES, EQUIPMENT, AND FACILITIES MUST NEVER BE USED FOR WORK THAT IS FOR PROFIT! This means you can not use our printers to make prints that will be for sale, you can not process film or work in the darkroom on photos that someone has paid you to take, and you can not use our computers or cameras for paid photography or editing.

Looking to get some film processed? We are still offering color film processing! We no longer accept black and white film processing orders as our facilities are open for everyone to be able to learn how to process their own black and white film. The process for dropping off and picking up is a little different than it used to be so make sure you read all the instructions below before dropping off your film.

To get your film processed you must follow these steps

  • Tally your total for the amount of rolls you want processed. You will need to pay for your rolls prior to or while dropping off your rolls; card payment can be accepted in person or over the phone. We do not accept cash or check
    • $6.00 per roll for processing (we do not offer scanning as a service)
  • Fill out the *Color Film Processing Request form which can be found and downloaded at the bottom of this page or you can stop into Photoland and pick one up.
  • Once you’ve filled out the form, the Photoland lab aide will help you with your payment and then you’re ready to drop off your film! We have a drop box outside of Photoland’s doors, across  from the student gallery, that can be accessed when we are closed. You may also drop off your film to the Photoland Lab Aides during our open hours. When you drop it off, IT MUST BE LABELED AND IN A BAG/ENVELOPE. Please write “PHOTOLAND” along with your name and phone number on your sealed envelope. Film that is without a label or without a bag, will not be processed.
  • When your film is finished being processed, (typically within 3-5 days) a Photoland lab aide will contact you to let you know that you can come pick up your negatives. You will ONLY receive negatives back. We do not scan negatives for you but you are welcome to come learn how to scan your own film in our Digital Imaging Studio (DIS).

Download Form Here

*While uncommon, technical difficulties in film processing and handling do occur. By submitting your film for processing at Photoland, you accept the risk of damage to your film. We will do everything in our power to avoid accidents. If one does occur, we will work with you to provide a refund and/or replacement film (unexposed) depending on the nature of the incident. Neither Photoland nor The Evergreen State College will be held liable for damage to film due to processing error.*