April 14th, 2023 – May 31st, 2023

Woody’s Wall is pleased to showcase Crowns of Lupine by Konya Wilson (they/them).

Konya is a film photographer and farmer currently living in so-called Olympia, WA. Their work often explores queer erotica and the intersection of this with nature. Through their photography, Konya puts into question the marriage between one’s body, interpersonal desires, and local environment. They have an appreciation for almond croissants and flowering arugula.

In lieu of a “typical” artist statement, Konya prepared the poem written below to accompany their work.

“This body is badly feathered

I cock my head back and wail for you 

The sun is comely on my face as I emerge from under your legs

Fleshy fluids dry crusted, your blood clotted to these eyes

your feathers descend from this nest of 

pine needles and huckleberry leaf


Am I moved by intuition or the deepest chemical control of Animal Drive

Fresh kill metallic overwhelms the depth of my throat 

I feel it in your grip and I cry for you with all my fragile body


Crawling in arid whiskey colored sky 

They’re always above us, burnt yellow wide eyes 

Mother, they see everything”