*Due to a higher volume of requests than usual and low staffing, our turn around time for prints and film is extended to two weeks. Please anticipate this when placing your requests.*

We’re offering remote printing services! If you’re in need of professionally printed images for a program, your portfolio, or personal use, then you’ve come to the right place.

In order for your image to be printed, you must complete these steps:

  • Price out your prints based on the sizes you’re wanting; print costs are $5/sq. foot. You can use this formula to find your price: Length x Width = Square Foot and then multiply the square feet by 5 and then divide by 144.  For example, if you were wanting an 11″ by 14″ print you would take 11 x 14 and get 154 – now multiply that by 5 to get 770 and then divide it by 144 to get your price of $5.35. You can also reach out to us to get a quote for your prints by emailing us at photolandstaff@evergreen.edu. In this email please include: number of prints, size of prints, type of paper that you would like your prints to be on (matte or luster). Some standard sizes are listed below with our prices already calculated for ease. We are in the midst of some equipment upgrades and are only able to print at sizes up to 16″ on one side; as long as one side of your image is 16″ or smaller, we will be able to print it. 
    • 5×7 = $1.22
    • 8×10 = $2.78
    • 8×12 = $3.34
    • 10×12 = $4.17
    • 11×14 = $5.35
    • 12×16 = $6.67
    • 16×20 = $11.11
  • Return to this page to pay for your prints here.
    • If you are wanting to pay with your prints through an Evergreen budget number, please email photolandstaff@evergreen.edu
  • Fill out the online print request form and attach your images and receipt of payment to the form. Images must be submitted as TIF, PNG, or high resolution JPEG; images have to be flattened and properly resized to your desired print size with a resolution of at least 180 DPI before submitting. If your image is not resized correctly to your desired print size, we may not be able to print your images and this will likely cause delays in your order.
  • You will only be able to attach 5 images to the form. If you are wanting to have more than five images printed, please fill out the form a second time and reattach your receipt.
  • All prints must be picked up at the Evergreen State College – WE DO NOT SHIP FILM OR PRINTS

Printing orders are collected and received throughout the week. You will hear from a Photoland lab aide by the Monday after you submit regarding when your prints will be ready and how to schedule a pick-up.