OUR SERVICES, EQUIPMENT, AND FACILITIES MUST NEVER BE USED FOR WORK THAT IS FOR PROFIT! This means you can not use our printers to make prints that will be for sale, you can not process film or work in the darkroom on photos that someone has paid you to take, and you can not use our computers or cameras for paid photography or editing.

Photoland is excited to help with your printing needs! If you’re in need of professionally printed images for a program, your portfolio, or personal use, then you’ve come to the right place. An important note before continuing your print request journey, Photoland performs a lot of production work for the college, and we typically ask that you allow a week’s turnaround time for your prints. Photoland ALWAYS requires at least 48 hours to print your images. Please factor these timelines into your requests and speak to a lab aide or Photoland staff member if you have questions. 

Print costs are $5/sq. foot – we have two choices of paper for printing: a luster finish or a matte finish. For luster prints, we can print images that have one side smaller than 42 inches – for matte prints, we can print images that have one side smaller than 44 inches. 

Use this formula to find your price:  

Length x Width = Square Foot 

(Square footage / 144) x 5 = Total Cost 

For example, if you were wanting an 11″ by 14″ print you would take 11 x 14 and get 154 – now divide that by 144 to get 1.07 and multiply that by 5 get your price of $5.35 

Follow these steps to submit a print request:

  1. Get your images ready for print: We recommend that you work in Adobe RGB (1998) color space with a minimum resolution of 180 dpi and maximum of 360 dpi at your desired physical print size. If your resolution is lower than 180 dpi, we may not be able to print your image to the highest quality. 
  2. Once your images are ready for print, save them to a flash drive or to a cloud storage that you can access on the computers inside of Photoland. You should save your files as high resolution TIFFs for printing. 
  3. Stop into Photoland and ask the lab aide for a *print request form at the Photoland office. Fill out all required parts of the form and return it to a lab aide along with the flash drive with your images. If you did not have access to a flash drive but can put your images onto a cloud storage, inform the lab aide and they will seat you at a computer in the DIS to retrieve the images. Pull your images up and save them onto the computer in a folder with your name. Notify the lab aide so that they can move those images onto our storage platform. 
  4. Now that you’ve dropped off your images and filled out your form, it’s time for payment! Based on the size of your images and the type of paper that you have requested, the lab aide will give you a price quote for your order. You can also figure it out yourself using the formula listed earlier on this page. We have a Clover card machine in Photoland and can take your payment in person or over the phone. We do not accept cash or check. We will not be able to begin printing your order until we have received payment for the images.  
  5. Now that you’ve completed all the above steps, you are all set! Photoland staff will start working on your prints and will contact you when they are finished. Please remember that there will always be at least a 48 hours turnaround time for prints and it can take longer than that depending on how many orders we have in. Always ask the lab aides of a Photoland Staff member for a timing estimate before you leave.

All prints must be picked up at the Evergreen State College – WE DO NOT SHIP FILM OR PRINTS

If you have any questions about printing or if you are planning to pay for your prints through an Evergreen academic budget, please email us at photolandstaff@evergreen.edu 

*The print request form can be downloaded below if you would like to fill it out at home. It can then be emailed to us at photolandstaff@evergreen.edu along with your receipt of payment and files for printing.

Download form here