Community Member Pricing and Available Services

Community members who are not Evergreen affiliated, (meaning they are not a current student, staff, or faculty member at The Evergreen State College) must pay a fee to use Photoland’s facilities. OUR SERVICES, EQUIPMENT, AND FACILITIES MUST NEVER BE USED FOR WORK THAT IS FOR PROFIT! This means you can not use our printers to make prints that will be for sale, you can not process film or work in the darkroom on photos that someone has paid you to take, and you can not use our computers or cameras for paid photography or editing.

There are two options for passes to use Photoland’s facilities:

  • Daily Pass Fee – $30 per day
  • Quarterly Pass Fee – $150 per quarter

To purchase a pass, please stop into Photoland in person or email us at and we will assist you in getting that set up.

Community members have access to most of the facilities within Photoland, as well as our remote services. We are still offering remote services for digital printing and film processing; for more information on our remote services, please visit the links below. All remote services are at an additional cost not included in the daily or quarterly pass.

In-person facilities that community members can gain access to include:

  • Digital Imaging Studio
  • Black & White Film Processing
  • Black & White Darkroom
  • Print Finishing

Some of these spaces require proficiencies for use, such as the film processing area and the black and white darkroom. Even if you had a proficiency for one of these spaces prior to the pandemic, you WILL have to retake these proficiencies prior to using the spaces. We offer proficiencies in these spaces on a regular basis each quarter (except for Summer). 

In order to use Photoland’s facilities and services, you MUST read through the information below.

Equity and Inclusion 

The Library and Media Services team is committed to being a welcoming campus community that reflects and enacts the values of diversity, equity and inclusion that inform academic excellence at Evergreen. We aim to cultivate a space that is diverse, equitable, and enhances inclusive learning and the working environments for all that use our space. Media Services condemns racism in all its forms and takes an anti-racist stance by continually improving its policies, procedures, and practices. In daily work and learning we continually refine our understanding of representation in technology, as recognition and affirmation of difference, and as a powerful dimension of culture. We welcome individuals into our space who will assist in our mission to dismantle racism and discrimination in all of its forms so that everyone can succeed and thrive. Any individual using our facilities is expected to behave in accordance with these shared objectives. 

Evergreen Social Contract

We recommend reading through Evergreen’s social contract prior to using any Evergreen facilities. The Social Contract is an agreement; a guide for civility and tolerance toward others; a reminder that respecting others and remaining open to others and their ideas provides a powerful framework for teaching and learning.

Photoland Facilities Agreement

We expect all users of our spaces to be respectful to the other patrons in our spaces and our workers. We will not tolerate disruptive behavior, hate speech or derogatory language in our facilities. We expect people using our facilities to read through Photoland’s handbook before using our space and to respect the procedures that it dictates. Anyone who cannot follow these guidelines will be removed from the facilities without a refund and will not be welcome to return again. 

If you have any questions regarding the above information or just about our space and facilities, please email us at