Academic Advising Panel

Academic Advising Panel

This session offers faculty and advisors an opportunity to exchange what they know about student experiences and needs in fall quarter 2020. Advisors will briefly share out generalized comments about their perceptions of student success and struggles, followed by a conversation that invites faculty to reciprocally share their understandings of student experiences. The session will provide an opportunity for faculty and advisors to meet each other, and to collectively learn more about our students.
Ultimately this is an opportunity to deepen the relationship between faculty and advising. Some related short term goals are as follows:


  1. Create opportunities for more effective referrals on both ends. Students can feel “ping ponged” between on campus resources and staff (and vice versa). When a genuine relationship and familiarity  exists (for example referring a student to a specific advisor by name, or advisors knowing what faculty are particularly strict on prerequisites, etc..) the student is more likely to have a successful connection/experience.


  1. To eventually create a clear understanding of the multitude of resources available in advising, tools and workshops available for classroom use (for example “Getting Unstuck with the Final Academic Statement,” or “Starting the Graduate School Hunt”).


  1. To eventually understand what trainings, if any, would be useful for faculty when they are called to act in an advising role (for example how to work with the student who feels completely lost on their path).


In this and future meetings there will be time to share more goals of how to connect the resources of advising more directly to your classroom, so please bring ideas if you have them.


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