Did you miss a 2023 Summer Institute?

Good news! Resources and materials from the 2022 summer institutes are now available through Canvas. Click on the links below to self-enroll in the Canvas site.

Title & LinkDescription
Designing Learning Experiences that MatterThis planning & design institute features a variety of stand-alone workshops on teaching and learning.
Cultivating Community Belonging: Weaving Indigenous Pedagogy & Scholarship in AcademiaThis institute invites faculty, staff, and administrators to cultivate equity, diversity, inclusion, and culturally sustaining/revitalizing curricula and praxis within our learning community.
Learning From and Valuing Belonging on Evergreen’s 1000-Acre CampusThis summer institute will immerse participants in land-and-water based experiential learning.
Write That Book! Invigorating Teaching and Learning through Scholarly ExplorationThis summer institute will discuss the differing processes of writing a book, chapter, or article; and share strategies about best writing practices, resources, and diverse publication options. It will examine the ways in which the spectrum of writing processes can be applied to classroom work so that diverse students can benefit from diverse practices.
Educating Educators on the Neurodiverse-Friendly CollegeThis institute will provide participants with valuable insights into the experiences of neurodiverse students.
Jews, Judaism, and Racism: Connections, Distinctions, and our StudentsThis institute will introduce participants to the complex nature of Jewish identity.
Library Level-Up! Getting the Most out of Library Resources and ServicesGet an introduction to our collections and services and reinforce best practices for finding materials. We’ll go on to cover how to request new materials and design curriculums with our resources in mind. Learn about online resources including streaming video, archives digital collections, and open educational resources...
Strategic Planning for Sustained Enrollment GrowthThis institute brings faculty, staff, and administrators together to learn best practices around strategic planning for sustained enrollment growth.
Experiential Learning: ResourcesIn this institute, we will focus on faculty development in experiential learning and connect faculty with campus and off-campus resources.
Liberation Education & Mass Incarceration – Pathways from Prison to CollegeThis summer institute will consist of storytelling, dialogue, and workshop designed to unpack and identify current work, challenges, and ideas to mitigate barriers for justice-involved students at Evergreen and in our community.
The Six Expectations Assessment of Learning (SEAL)This institute will provide participants an opportunity to learn more about SEAL, use the instrument, and review SEAL data.
A Historically Grounded Analysis of Power Structures in US SocietyThrough a very Evergreen tradition of reading and seminaring, we hope to explore the ways in which the interlocking power structures of patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism work to maintain systems of oppression in our society.
Infusing Equity Across Evergreen: Taking Action on Equity IIIThis one-day institute invites faculty, staff, and administrators across the college to continue the work of developing area Equity Action Plans, centered on Evergreen’s equity goals of fully supporting students, cultivating and sustaining a campus culture that fosters a strong sense of belonging, engaging in ongoing professional DEI development, and recruiting and retaining diverse, historically underrepresented students, staff and faculty.
Good news! Resources and materials from the 2022 summer institutes are now available through Canvas. Click on the links below to self-enroll in the Canvas site.

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