Faculty Note | Sean Williams | 2022-2023

Sean Williams fulfilled the bucket-list dream of a lifetime by singing at Carnegie Hall under the leadership of composer/conductor Eric Whitacre; singing next to her was her adult daughter Morgan, who had spent her early childhood following Sean through various Evergreen programs, faculty meetings, and study abroad adventures.

Sean’s “Poetry Writing as Transgressive Ethnography” was the lead article in her field’s flagship journal Ethnomusicology (66/3: 361-378). She traveled to Portugal to present the results of her research on old-style Irish dance—the type that predates the current style of rigid-body competitive step dancing—at the 2022 conference of the International Council of Traditional Music. Lastly, Sean has received a contract for her next book, tentatively titled Music and Liminality: Sounds of the In-Between, from Oxford University Press.

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