Have you submitted a proposal for Summer School 2023?

Summer School 2023! CALL FOR PROPOSALS

proposals due by 1 November, 11:59 p.m.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,  

Fall weather is here, crunchy leaves are on the ground, and it’s decorative gourd season again. You know what that means: It’s time once again for me to request your undergraduate* summer school 2023 curriculum proposals! Please submit your proposals by 1 November 2022, 11:59 p.m. 

We encourage innovative and creative curriculum program proposals, as well as proposals that support students in successfully moving forward with their path and other academic goals. If you are interested in teaching next summer, please enter your undergraduate summer school curriculum through the Curriculum Development link in your my.evergreen.eduIf you are interested in repeating a previous summer undergraduate offering, contact Tony Chapman (robin.chapman@evergreen.edu) to have your previous offering copied forward for editing. Because the hiring process for summer is entirely separate from the regular academic year, if you have been on adjunct contract during 2022-23 and did not teach during summer 2022, you will need to submit an employment application to the Summer School faculty posting. 

Remote, in-person, and hybrid offerings. We will consider proposals for all modalities (all-remote, hybrid, and fully in-person). Bear in mind that we are seeing a variety of preferences for modality; some students are attracted to remote-only study (and some can only study remotely), while others are interested in studying in person only. Also, be aware that you may be asked to adjust your modality to create a better balance of in-person, remote, and hybrid offerings. We appreciate your flexibility. 

Space, schedule, and support:  Please enter your schedule into Schedule Evergreen by November 1, once you submit your proposal. Your class will show up to schedule in the scheduling system one day after you have hit the submit button on your proposal in the curriculum system as it takes the two systems overnight to communicate with each other!   

Important Special Note about Lab II: As you are likely aware from Trevor Speller’s email of 27 July (Subject: LABII HVAC Remediation Project: Building Closures), the instructional wing of the Lab II building will be offline for all of the summer 2023 quarter so that the HVAC system can be renovated. This will place significant limitations on faculty’s ability to schedule lab and studio arts spaces. Please consider these limitations as you plan your proposals. I encourage you to think creatively about ways to teach that won’t require access to the Lab II instructional wing. 

Media Services: We expect a significant portion of next summer’s curriculum will be taught in person, so please include on your proposals any specific requests for space usage and media workshops.

The process for determining our summer offerings will remain much the same as last year. Curriculum proposals are reviewed by the Curricular Area Team leaders, path conveners where necessary, and curriculum deans, and planning is done in consultation with area managers and other stewards of college space and resources.  We will work using the following criteria:  

  1. Identify necessary curriculum for continuation and preparation of offerings during the academic year.  
  2. Identify offerings that significantly diversify our academic year curriculum.  
  1. Identify and support a balance of remote and in-person offerings across a variety of subject areas.  
  2. Per CBA article 29.3.2 “Priority is given to current regular and adjunct faculty and to retired faculty.”   

All proposals are due by 11:59 Tuesday, November 1, 2022. This is a firm deadline for primary consideration for summer school 2023.  

If you have any questions about the summer school proposal process, please feel free to reply to me directly. 



*MPA and MES are accepting graduate summer school curriculum proposals – please coordinate with the appropriate program director. 

Stephen (Steff) Beck

(they/them pronouns)

Academic Dean

Evening and Weekend Studies, Summer School, and Student Success

(On campus M-Th, remote F)

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