Faculty Note | Michael Vavrus | 2021-2022

           Michael Vavrus’ Teaching Anti-Fascism: A Critical Multicultural Pedagogy for Civic Engagement was published in May by Columbia University’s Teachers College Press.  In April, Michael presented the paper “Anti-Fascism and the Social Context of Education” at the Annual Meeting of American Educational Research Association in San Diego. Last November, he presented the paper “Incorporating Anti-Fascism into Educational Foundations: A Critical Pedagogical Framework” at the Annual Meeting of American Educational Studies Association in Portland.

           From the publisher’s description for Michael’s latest book Teaching Anti-Fascism: “This timely book examines how fascist ideology has taken hold among certain segments of American society and how this can be addressed in curriculum and instruction. Vavrus presents…educators and their students with a conceptual framework for enacting a critical multicultural pedagogy by analyzing discriminatory discourse and recommending civic anti-fascist steps people can take… Readers will come away with a deeper knowledge base that marshalls a century of anti-fascist actions in response to contemporary acts of racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, gender and sexuality discrimination, bias against Latinx and migrant populations, and other actions that undermine our democracy and harm marginalized students and their families and communities.”

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