Wondering how to change your mode of instruction during the quarter?

Dear faculty friends,

the Curriculum and Faculty Hiring Dean, Elizabeth Williamson, sent out an email detailing the process for adjusting from hybrid, to in person, or to remote offerings. Please review this message for more information.

“Dear colleagues, 

Many of you are justifiably concerned about your safety and that of your students as we start another rollercoaster quarter.  
I wanted to clarify that any changes to your teaching modality (moving from hybrid or all in-person to remote) need to be approved by the curriculum team. If you need to make such a change, please send a message to curriculumteamdl@evergreen.edu. We are most likely to approve that change if someone on your teaching team, or someone in their immediate family, meets one or more of the CDC’s high-risk criteria, though we realize there may be other emergent reasons. On a related note, the DL listed above is the best contact point for any catalog updates that require a swift response.   

Why are we insisting on a formal approval process? First and foremost, we need to be aware of the potential impact for your students, who may have moved to the area with the explicit goal of attending classes in-person. We are already seeing some complaints from students and we want to make sure we are prepared to respond. Secondly, we are responsible for providing accurate data to the state about how many of our offerings are in person and how many are remote.  

If you have questions about this process, please feel free to respond to me individually.  
Respectfully,  Elizabeth 

Elizabeth Williamson, Ph.D.
(pronouns: she/her)
Curriculum and Faculty Hiring Dean
Library 2003
The Evergreen State College  |  Olympia, WA  98505″

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