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Hello everyone,

Thank you to everyone who made it to a Path Advising Overview Session over the last two weeks! This is a quick update on current status for Path Project system and resources:

Path Advising Overview Sessions

If you missed participating in our recent Path Advising Overview Sessions – no problem – the information shared is now available to you. We have a Path Advising Canvas site through Teaching at Evergreen.  The site includes:

  • Path Advising Guide
  • Path Advising Overview Session PowerPoint 
  • Copies of Letters that went to First year, Transfer and Current Students introducing Paths

To get to the website, if you don’t already have access go to the Learning and Teaching Commons webpage, under Guides and Resources –

Faculty Association to Paths and Fields of Study 

Thank you to 75 faculty who have completed the Path and Field of Study association! If you missed the announcement (see email/instructions below), please go to and choose “Profile” in the upper corner to make any edits to your Faculty Information and Paths/Fields of Study.

We are continuing to collect your associations and will launch the faculty association updates to the directory, path and fields of study pages by end of next week (May 7, 2021). We will be transitioning from the old field of study associations that currently reside in the directory labelled “expertise”. Once we transition, if you have not completed the above new association process you will have nothing listed in your faculty profile as it relates to Fields of Study or Paths (for those of you teaching in Olympia Undergraduate Studies). 

Student Engagement & Path Quarterly Communication (Help us get the word out to students!)

With our initial outreach, we’ve had 280 students associate with one or more Paths and 270 students association with fields of study. We are encouraged by this and will continue to engage with the students who have yet to participate. Our next steps of engagement will be to send a Path Quarterly Update to students in Week 7 of this quarter. Content will be geared toward students who associated with each path, including updates one events, activities, advising opportunities, and curriculum updates – particular focus for next Fall. If you don’t want students to miss out on this important information,  please take the time to announce to students how they can participate.  Share with students they can tell us how they are choosing to learn by updating their Path and Field of Study options via and choosing Academic Progress.

Path and Field of Study Webpages
As I noted on Friday, March 12, 2021 Path Update email, we have several stages for updating these webpages. I want to share the updated next stage of the work… 

Stage 2: Full Development for Publication by Fall Quarter  

Path Webpages: Goal – provide advising and support  


1.      Core Team discuss further refinements of Path and Field of Study webpage templates

2.      Path Conveners, Marketing, and Advising to meet to discuss Path webpages content template and process for updates.


  1. Core Team provides faculty with template for Path Advising Page  
  2. Summer Path Planning Meetings – Faculty work on in-depth path content – with focus on curricular advising (pre-req, etc) and co-curricular support options for current student. Our goal is that this could be collaborative meeting between faculty, student engagement, and marketing so that marketing can get an inside view of what makes up each path.  
  3. CAT Leaders and Larry review content.  
  4. Amy provides templates to marketing.  
  5. Marketing edits for clarity and formatting.  
  6. CAT Leader, Curriculum Team, and David reviews for accuracy and provides feedback.  
  7. David and Larry review feedback and make final edits.  
  8. Provide to Amy for updating the path advising webpages.  

Fields of Study: Goal – consistency and clarity  

  1. Using the Core Team guidance for Field of Study template, Marketing reviews all field of study pages to ensure one-voice, consistency, and a parallel level of detail. Currently some fields of study pages are very length with many components that we are now including in Path pages (they were designed before we had Paths). These will be edited down significantly, with elements shifted to Path Webpages and Path Advising Pages as appropriate.  
  2. Amy provides updated fields of study pages to CAT Leaders and affiliated faculty for review.  
  3. CAT Leaders and faculty provide feedback to Larry, David and Amy.  
  4. David and Larry review feedback and make final edits.  
  5. Amy will provide to marketing for publication.  

Faculty Directory: Goal – update further enhancements for faculty profile pages  

1.      Amy provides options for updates to Faculty Profile  

2.      Faculty complete updates  

3.      Amy updates directory 

Gratitude & Support Needed

We recognize the first stages of Path system and content updates has had its bumps and we appreciate your patience in this transition, particularly with our systems. We appreciate your help most recently by affiliating with Fields of Study and Paths that will update our systems with accurate data to translate to the many webpage and directory feeds we are using to communicate with students.  

We will move forward with our work and ask for your continued support to be open about any system issues you see and/or ideas for ways we continue to integrate our work around Paths.

Thank you,


amy betz |Director of Academic Initiative Integration and Support 

The Evergreen State College | 360.867.5870

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