Recast | Equity Symposium 2021: Call For Proposals!

From: “Longaker, Jacob” <>
Date: Friday, January 15, 2021 at 2:09 PM

Dear Evergreen Community,

We are excited to announce the call for proposals for Equity Symposium 2021: Wade in the Water! Please submit your proposal online by January 22nd.

Equity Symposium 2021: Wade in the Water

This year’s symposium draws its inspiration from the situatedness of Evergreen on the Salish Sea. Our waters embrace the currents of change, while reminding us of the interconnectivity of our ecosystems, our indigenous and local communities. Just as water carries a seed downstream along a rough and tumble journey to new shores, it provides nourishment for the seed to take root, blossom, and realize its transformative and life-giving potential. This is how we envision equity work at Evergreen.

We invite proposals for presentations, activities, interventions, trainings, artistic expression, and more, that consider the following:  

1) how do we honor and reconcile our complicated encounters and wounds of the past? 

2) how do we hold space for vulnerability and community building in turbulent moments of the present? 

3) how do we advance transformative action into a more equitable collective future?

Tentative Schedule 

Tuesday, April 13th Opening Speaker 4pm-5pm

Wednesday, April 14th Sessions 9am-Noon, Lunch Speaker Noon-1

Thursday, April 15th Sessions 1pm-5pm, Closing Speaker 5pm-6pm 

in community,


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