A warm welcome to Ashley Williams!

The Washington Center is excited to announce that Ashley Williams will be joining the team at the Washington Center for Improving Undergraduate Education. As program coordinator, Ashley will provide coordination support for the Learning and Teaching Commons and Washington Center’s national and regional programming.

Ashley Williams, Washington Center Program Coordinator

Ashley brings to this position depth in art education, media, and coordination. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Arkansas, and a PK-12 teaching certification in Art Education, also from the University of Arkansas. Ashley earned an additional BA at Evergreen in 2016, with a focus on Media Studies and Production. Ashley is a member of the Olympia Knitting Mills Artist Collective. In her art, employs an interdisciplinary and inter-media approach, spanning the mediums of: 16mm film, digital video, animation, photography, painting, printmaking, ceramics, textiles, digital sound, creative writing, and multimedia installation.

Ashley most recently served as the point person for Evergreen’s faculty for close to four years as the Instructional Media Coordinator, helping faculty to include media workshops in their courses and programs, both by providing instruction and by coordinating requests for equipment and staff expertise in workshops.

Vito Valera, Ashley’s most recent supervisor shared the following tribute that beautifully recognizes the talents she brings to our team.

Congratulations, Ashley Corbett Williams!

The imprint you continue to make is deep, the impact you’re having is profound and its ripple effect endless. Not only on Media Services team but on countless members of the faculty and hundreds of students. Anyone who has had the honor of working with you knows you thrive to embody fairness and equity, kindness and directness, honesty and care, flexibility and confidence, collaboration and leadership. You have helped reshape our work in meaningful and thoughtful ways, relentlessly bringing us back to our common goal: the success of all students.

There is so much to be said about the quality, quantity and of course intentionality of your work. Can you believe you taught 435 workshops, coordinated and produced 1,065, and you’ve been a crew member on 676 work orders?
Every single time, your work was impeccable, joyful, kind, focused, and diligent.

You’ve modeled for all of us how to be a better colleagues, peers and humans. Your mentorship skills brought insights that pushed our team forward many times. Your kind and big heart has guided us through tough decisions. Your expertise, knowledge and experience has given a voice to many to tell their stories using media and technology. Your technical, organizational and pedagogical skills are invaluable to the college and I am delighted that you will be joining the incredible team at the Washington Center/Learning and Teaching Commons. You are forever part of Media Services and we are excited to continue our work with you in this new capacity.

I was lucky to be your mentor and for you to be mine. I hope you continue to work with our production crew on graduation day(s) as the most grounding technical director.

My love and gratitude is unmeasurable. We love you very much. Please join me and our team in congratulating Ashley in her new role!ps: In a non-covid world, you’d get an in-person standing ovation from our team, all the black balloons we could fit in your office, a perpetual LaCroix fountain, and a dog parade in fancy outfits on Red Square.

Vito Valera
Associate Director of Media Services.

Welcome to our team Ashley! We are thrilled to be the next chapter in your professional story.

JuliA Metzker, Director
Rachel Homchick, Assistant Director
Bonnie Walden, Financial Office Assistant

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