RECAST | Please complete the faculty governance sign-up form by Friday, November 6

From: Faculty Agenda Committee <>
Sent: Monday, November 2, 2020 12:18 PM

Dear Colleagues, 

The sign-up form for a first round of highest priority governance and service assignments facilitated through the Faculty Agenda Committee is now available.  Please open this link to review positions currently available and select your preferred option by entering your name in an open slot on the sign-up form. (Of course, if all slots are already filled with names, this means that particular opportunity is no longer available.)  We pre-populated the sign-up sheet when we were aware of faculty who are already engaged in a governance assignment.   

For the most part, you can safely assume that the position you have requested via this form is yours. While the Agenda Committee retains the right of final confirmation of these assignments, our intent is to seek changes only if there is some compelling reason to regard an assignment or set of assignments as problematic (e.g. a committee needs representation from a wide range of academic disciplines but the signups cluster within a single division; the position description calls for some specific qualifications for the person filling the position that the faculty member clearly lacks). 

Finally, please bear in mind that this list of opportunities does not exhaust the possible ways you can fulfill your contractual obligations of service beyond your teaching. It simply reflects the set of positions the Agenda Committee has been asked to help fill at this time.  Many of you are engaged in other work, including significant service that falls outside this umbrella (for instance, leadership roles within the United Faculty of Evergreen).  You can let the Agenda Committee know what other service you are engaged in by filling out this form.  As always, you should document significant college service in annual self-evaluations and communicate with your deans if you have any questions or concerns regarding your college service work. 

Please reply to this email if, after reading these instructions, you still have questions regarding the form or procedures. We will help you navigate the process. 

Many thanks to Jadon Berry, Julie Slone, and Rhonda Woods for their work gathering information and developing the sign-up form to make this process possible. 


                                                                                    John Caraher 

                                                                                    On behalf of the Faculty Agenda Committee 

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