RECAST | Resources & Reminders: Week 10 (COVID-19, ILC/INTs, and End of Quarter Reminders)

Happy week ten, everyone!

Congratulations on *almost* making it through to a well-deserved break! Please read the reminders below to best inform the close of your quarter.


COVID-19. Regular communications are coming out about the emerging situation around COVID-19. Please consult our campus COVID-19 website for the latest posts.

Additionally, our amazingly capable colleagues at the Learning and Teaching Commons have prepared a set of resources to support Academic Continuity in Disruptive Times. Huge thanks to Julia Metzker, Elizabeth Williamson, Kathleen Eamon and Amy Greene for working over the last weekend to compile these resources for us.

Deans Treats. We understand that you will be holding evaluation conferences in whatever way makes most sense to you. We will be offering “grab and go” packaged snacks in the Deans’ Area for those who would like a small break from on-campus evaluation conferences. These will necessarily be more limited than our usual offerings. But please do come by to say hello and grab a snack. Roughly 11:00-2:00 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of evaluation week.

Canisters of sanitizing wipes are available for faculty on a one-per-program/course basis. Faculty can pick one up from Lab I and Seminar II Program Support Offices until supplies run out.

Individual Study Contracts Deadline Extension. In anticipation of a possible increase in interest in Individual Study Contracts for spring quarter, we have recently decided to extend the deadline by a week: the new deadline is Friday of eval week (March 20, 2020).


Evaluations of Student

  • Faculty evaluations of students are due Friday, April 3, 202

Self-Evaluations by Students

  • Students are required to write a self-evaluation for each program they take, and this self-evaluation should be “turned in” through
  • Students are not obliged to post self-evaluations to their transcript.

Faculty Evaluations by Students

  • Students have a right to submit feedback privately, visible to faculty only after evaluations and credits have been posted.
  • Please note: a practice in the past was for faculty to ask students to bring their faculty eval to conferences and read it out loud; this is no longer a common practice.

Awarding Incompletes. Evergreen’s current policy for offering incompletes for up to four quarters puts us in tension with federal policies and processes for returning financial aid funds. As we look to make recommendations for changing our current policy and processes, we ask that you consider only providing students, to whom you know you will be awarding some credit, with a thirty-day extension. This would not only remove any conflict with meeting federal policies and processes, but also will not drag student incompletes out.  Particularly important is whether the student earns any type of credit. If you will be awarding no credit, this must be posted by the college’s evaluation due date, which is within two weeks of the end of the term. We will be in touch with you in the weeks ahead about recommendations for shifting these practices and policy. For now, please consider no more than 30 days for incompletes, and please document the credits that have been earned in the online record system at the end of the program. (Please speak to Karen Gaul or Amy Betz about this if you have questions).

Have a wonderful break!

Karen Gaul | Larry Geri | Kathleen Eamon| Greg Mullins |Elizabeth Williamson | Trevor Speller | Marcia Tate-Arunga

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