RECAST | Important Spring 2020 Registration Updates for Faculty

From: Klatt, Lori <>
Date: Mar 30, 2020, 9:46 AM -0700
To: All Faculty <>

Greetings, hard working faculty colleagues.  I am writing to provide some important registration updates.  Please review this entire message so  you have accurate contact information and process updates that will be in place while we are teaching and working remotely this spring. For full details, go to the Registration for Spring 2020 website.  This email highlights some key information.

Registration staff are checking email regularly at  This is how to get the quickest response.  Staff are also periodically checking voicemail and returning calls. Please DO NOT email, as this is a distribution list which includes our student workers.

Email will be the primary means of communication between faculty, students and Registration for spring quarter.Please respond promptly to email from students looking to join your academic offering. If you wish to give a student permission to join your offering, you may include on your response. We will enter an override on your behalf, which allows the student to complete their registration.

Please be transparent about your process for adding/dropping students after the quarter begins, and as early as possible. For example, if you will fill open seats based on students’ place on the waitlist, let them know. That way, the student who is number 25 on the waitlist has the information they need to make changes to their plan. If your first meeting is Zoom, send the link to all students on the waitlist.

Only students registered in your offering get added to your Canvas or WordPress account.

If you have technology issues, please submit a help ticket via (look for “Help” in the upper right corner) for the quickest response. Registration staff are part of the technology help team and will assist where appropriate.

 To minimize the number of changes for everyone, all Registration-related processes and deadlines remain the same as usual, except your date to drop students, which has been extended to Thursday, April 9.

Please go to the Registration for Spring 2020 webpage for further details; this is the same information that is being shared with students. We are here to work with you and your students and will respond to your emails to as quickly as we can.  We know we all need to be as flexible as possible given this unique moment, understanding that there will also be some limitations.  If you believe a phone conversation might be helpful, please include your phone number.

Thank you and best wishes as we commence spring quarter!

Lori Klatt

Interim Registrar

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