RECAST | Bookstore will be open and continues to service students in preparation for Spring Quarter

Hello Everyone,

I sent the message below out last Friday to Faculty so they can let our students know we are here to support them.  We will be open and here for those of us who are still working at the college.  We are working on having a delivery service to your offices.  We do have portable register that takes credit cards so if you know exactly what you would like you can call the Bookstore extension 6212.  You can order your chocolate, beverages, food, whatever and we will deliver.

You can also still come to the Bookstore to shop.  We have been wiping down our beverage / food coolers, counters, credit card machines, keyboards, phones, etc.. for over two weeks now.

We need to be here to receive and process textbook shipments so students can have the resources they need.

Thank you for your continued support.

Regina and Team

Message to faculty / students

Bookstore continues to service students in preparation for Spring Quarter

Following the College’s announcement the afternoon of March 13th, The Bookstore wants to update students and faculty on our operations during this time of uncertainty. Most importantly we want the community to know that we will be here for you, both in-store and online so that course materials can be purchased for Spring Quarter.

The Olympia campus store will be open 8a.m. to 5p.m. March 16-20. We will be closed on March 23rd for a system upgrade, but March 24th we will be open 8a.m. to 4p.m Monday through Friday until classes start up after break. This is our normal schedule during Evaluation and Break weeks. If our schedule is adjusted in any way we will be sure to update you.

Students will also be able to purchase textbooks and supply kits online. Our website is  To encourage students to avoid exposure and to practice social distancing, we are offering a flat rate shipping fee of $3.99 per order (not per book — one fee for the whole order). This pricing is in line with the shipping charges on Amazon Marketplace, and as many of you know we’ve worked to keep our prices very competitive. Art supply kits will be available online by week one, pending shipments from vendors.

During this trying period of time we hope that students and faculty will support our small, independent store. Like many other retail businesses we are experiencing slow business and tough times right now. Please help us out by spreading the word to students, colleagues, and friends that the Greener Bookstore is the go-to spot to gear up for Spring Quarter.

We appreciate our community so much! Thank you in advance for your support.


Bookstore Staff

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