Deadline Approaching for Community-Initiated Summer Institute Proposals

Attached is a word version of the proposal form to help you prepare your responses. Please submit your final responses on the online proposal form.

[Proposal Deadline: Monday, March 9]
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Dear Colleagues:

We are excited to welcome your creative proposals for community-initiated Summer Institutes! Summer Institutes give us time to come together, build relationships and reinforce our pedagogical commitments to our students. They also give us much needed time for reflection, self and community care, and fun. Submit your creatively practical learning and teaching adventures for Summer Institutes on or before Monday, March 9. Community-initiated institutes that support the following goals are especially encouraged:

  • Managing Institutional Change: Supporting and developing capacity to build resilience in times of change
  • Campus Climate and Belonging: Providing an inclusive and welcoming environment where all community members can thrive and experience belonging. (IESS Goal 3)*
  • Learning and Development: Developing a culture of participation in learning opportunities for all community members that increase cultural humility. (IESS Goal 4)*

* These goals were drawn from the Inclusive Action Plan Template developed by the VP for Inclusive Excellence & Student Success to support planning to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion, consistent with our college mission, strategic priorities, and the Inclusive Excellence Framework.

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Thank you for contributing your creative thinking to supporting Evergreen’s mission to offer collaborative, interdisciplinary learning across significant differences.

Julia Metzker, Director of the Washington Center for Improving Undergraduate Education
Elizabeth Williamson, Dean of Faculty Hiring and Development

The Evergreen Learning and Teaching Commons
~ a project of the Washington Center for Improving Undergraduate Education | @wacenterTESC | 360-867-6611

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