2019 Summer Institutes

Institute Descriptions

Learning and Teaching Commons Institutes

  1. Evergreen Faculty Leadership Conveners: Larry Geri, Joye Hardiman, Joli Sandoz, Sean Williams, Elizabeth Williamson June 19-21 (last day dedicated to teamwork/planning)
  2. Team Planning:  Inquiry-Based Design Convener: Sonja Wiedenhaupt July 1-3
  3. Evergreen’s First Year Experience:  Team-Building & Curriculum Planning Convener: Trevor Speller, Sonja Wiedenhaupt, Cynthia Kennedy, Jadon Berry July 16-18
  4. Inclusive Excellence:  Leading with Racial Equity Conveners: Chassity Holliman-Douglas with Eileen Yoshina August 7-9
  5. Strength-Based Practices for Neurodivergent Student Success Conveners: Julia Metzker & Carolyn Prouty September 9-11 (last day dedicated to community work/planning)

Faculty Initiated Summer Institutes

  1. Greener Stories: Evergreen’s Oral History Project Convener: Sam Schrager June 17 (plus research days)
  2. Life After Evergreen:  Navigating Retirement Conveners: Susan Fiksdal & Ted Whitesell June 24
  3. Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum: Effective & Efficient Strategies Conveners: Lori Blewett, Vuslat Katsanis & Joli Sandoz June 25-27
  4. Finish That Book! Convener: Sean Williams July 18-19
  5. Facilitating Inclusive & Effective Meetings Convener: Elizabeth Williamson July 24-25
  6. Developing Engaging Online Curricula for Hybrid Programs Conveners: Sarah Ryan & Susan Preciso July 29, one independent work day July 30 OR July 31, and Aug. 1 (3 days)
  7. Entrepreneurship: Reflections on the MTA Change Maker Lab Conveners: Dion Gouws & Yujiao Xia, facilitated by Ane Beitia & Martin Fernandez (Mondragon Team Academy) August 5
  8. Evergreen Classic Conveners: Paul McMillin & Sarah Williams August 21
  9. Gender Violence & Title IX in the #MeToo Era Convener: Meghan Doughty, MPA Faculty August 23 & 24, 10-2, (Fri/Sat. for 2 half days)
  10. Promoting Engagement with the State Legislature Convener: Cali Mortenson Ellis, MPA Faculty August 26
  11. Geographic Information Systems:  ArcGIS Pro Software Convener: Mike Ruth, MES Faculty August 27-28
  12. The Academic Statement:  Bolstering Our Resources & Commitment Conveners: Sandra Yannone & Ariel Birks August 29-30
  13. Applied Math for Inclusive Excellence: Food & Ag, Business & Stats Conveners: Melissa Nivala & Steve Scheuerell September 3-4
  14. Transparent Governance: Clarifying, Communicating & Constructing Inclusion Conveners: John Caraher & Melissa Nivala with GSU Reps September 5-6
  15. Fall 2019 Common Read Conveners: Trevor Speller, Eirik Steinhoff & Jadon Berry September 5 OR September 6 (half-day sessions)
  16. Supporting Undocumented Students at Evergreen—Revitalizing Our Work Conveners: Grace Huerta, Maria Isabel Morales, Alice Nelson & Catalina Ocampo September 6

Paths of Study and Curricular Area Teams  (CATs) Institutes

  1. Food & Agriculture Conveners: Prita Lal, Martha Rosemeyer, Sarah Williams June 17, Aug. 26
  2. CTLWS (Culture, Text, and Language in World Studies)* Convener: Stacey Davis June 18, one mid-summer small group meeting, Sept. 12
  3. CAT Leaders & Conveners (last day of Leadership Institute) Conveners: Sean Williams & Elizabeth Williamson June 21
  4. Literary Arts* Conveners: Steven Hendricks & Elizabeth Williamson July 8, July 15
  5. Evening & Weekend Studies Convener: Stephen Beck July 8, Aug. 5
  6. Media Arts Convener: Ruth Hayes July 22-23
  7. MES:  Curricular Design and Pedagogical Innovation Convener: Kevin Francis July 25-26
  8. MPA:  Innovation in Public Service Conveners:  Eric Trevan & Lucky Anguelov August 2, 1-5 pm
  9. Native American and Indigenous Programs Conveners: Kristina Ackley & Tina Kuckkahn-Miller September 3-4
  10. Political Economy, Global Studies & Environmental Justice* Conveners: Savvina Chowdhury & Paul McMillin September 3 & 5
  11. CAT:  CTLWS & Literary Arts* Convener: Stacey Davis September 11
  12. CAT:  NAIP, Latinx, PEGSEJ Convener: Kristina Ackley September 11
  13. Science Paths & CAT:  ES, IBC, MPaCS Conveners: Gerardo Chin-Leo, Krishna Chowdary, Paula Schofield September 11-13
  14. Latinx/Latin American Studies & ELL Education* Conveners: Grace Huerta, Maria Isabel Morales, Alice Nelson, Catalina Ocampo September 12-13
  15. Visual Arts Conveners: Shaw Osha & Amjad Faur September 12-13

*Paths or CATS that have general participation or designated days open to those not currently affiliated, but who are interested in their work.

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