TE02- Energy Medicine for Resilience

TE02- Energy Medicine for Resilience

1 day

Mukti Khanna 

Pandemic working conditions have impacted the ways our nervous systems, eyes, breath and posture may be engaged in working remotely. This summer institute will present both the theory and practice of selected energy medicine practices to support eye and brain health, central nervous system balancing, bio-destressing protocols and creating energetic boundaries. The first day will present diverse protocols which participants can implement in their daily routine. Participants will have the option of having a colleague to check in with about how the practice is going. The second day will focus on embodied mindfulness practices that can deepen the efficacy and impact of energy medicine protocols. A growing body of research is documenting physiological, immunological and stress reduction benefits of energy medicine and embodied mindfulness practices. Faculty and staff are welcome to come and see how you might implement this theory into your daily practice to increase resilience and health. The institute will meet for half days in the morning on June 21 & July 19.


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