Faculty Notes | Shangrila Joshi | 2022-2023

2022-23 was an intellectually stimulating period for Shangrila. She attended an Author Meets Critics session for her 2021 book at the annual Geographers’ meeting; presented a paper and co-facilitated a workshop at the Critical Edge Alliance 2022 Conference: Acting in Higher Education in Response to Climate Change in Paris; and served in panels at the Himalayan Studies Conference in Toronto. Last year Shangrila was invited to present her work on climate justice as well as about Evergreen’s interdisciplinary pedagogy at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HWST) in Germany. While in Germany she was invited to participate in a panel discussion debating carbon markets/offsetting by Global Shapers Munich, Climate Café. She is looking forward to visiting HWST in June 2023 to contribute to their ‘Sustainability Across Regions’ International Lecture Series and to support the ‘HWST Goes International’ project.

Last summer Shangrila started a new research project examining the ancient practice of the Macchindranath Jatra and Guthi institutions that support the practice as forms of Indigenous climate resilience in the Kathmandu Valley, called Nepa by the Newa people. While in Kathmandu Shangrila survived her first bout of dengue fever, making headway towards higher latitudes and altitudes as Kathmandu’s climate becomes warmer.

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