UPDATED | Spring Schedules are due on Feb 11.

Please read this important message about planning for spring.

From: Speller, Trevor <spellert@evergreen.edu>
Sent: Friday, February 4, 2022 12:48 PM
To: All Faculty <allfaculty@evergreen.edu>
Cc: Curriculum Team DL <curriculumteamdl@evergreen.edu>; Schedule Evergreen Support <spacescheduling@evergreen.edu>

Hi Academic Colleagues, 

I am writing with a brief update in response to some questions I received about the email below.  The clarifications are below in bold – and please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Best wishes and have a wonderful break!


Firstly, please submit your schedules (to Schedule Evergreen) for fall, winter, spring 22-23 by March 31st, 2022.  I know that this date will come up sooner than we think, and thank you for your understanding. Requests submitted by the deadline will be scheduled first. Requests submitted after will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.

The guidance for scheduling space for Olympia programs and courses will largely be very similar to pre-Covid times (https://www.evergreen.edu/policy/spaceusage), recognizing that we are seeking to offer as many in-person learning opportunities for students as possible. We are providing some guidance toward making more consistent times for day-time courses and consolidating teaching spaces (to save money on building costs).  

Schedule requests will be handled following the prioritization protocol described in the attached “Prioritization Order 22-23 scheduling” document—and below are the salient (or new) points. 

  • Programs and Courses: For 16-credit programs, there are no restrictions other than (as before COVID) avoiding governance time (M 3-5pm, W 1-5pm) 
  • Please schedule 4-credit Day-time courses T&Th 8-10am, or T&Th 3-5pm, or F 1-5pm. 
  • If you have a variable credit option in your 16-credit program, please avoid as many of the 4-credit Day-time course blocks as you can, and please consider coordinating with faculty offering courses your students may be interested in. 
  • We are seeking to consolidate space. Beyond what was previously considered in prioritization, offerings that have class only in the “morning” (8am to 1pm), only in the “afternoon” (1pm to 5pm), or only in the evening (typically 6-10 pm, but check with Steff Beck with questions) – (Eg. please consider avoiding scheduling regular class rooms just through the middle of the day (eg. just 10am-2pm) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays—scheduling regular classrooms and special spaces [labs, studios, etc.] is ok; and because Mondays and Fridays are typically less popular, asking for parts of mornings or afternoons is likely less to impact space prioritization).  In the case of Olympia day programs, please feel free to schedule mornings AND afternoons on the same day– the intent was to request folx to consider using longer time blocks rather than just 1 or 2 hours in a morning or afternoon (allowing us to consolidate space).  With respect to prioritization for scheduling, programs that use time slots more completely (eg. all of 1-5pm) will be prioritized over programs using smaller portions (eg. 1-2pm).

Importantly, faculty of programs with 1st year seats have been informed that the Greener Foundations time blocks will be M 1-3pm, T 1-3pm, and Th 10-12 noon (based on results of a faculty survey)—and please follow the directions provided in a previous email about how to provide this information in your schedule. —>To clarify, if you are teaching 1st year students and did not receive an email entitled “Space scheduling for Greener Foundations for 22-23 academic year” on 3/11/22 please email Abir.  Folx teaching 1st year students, will have to choose only ONE of the times provided above.

Thank you all and best wishes, 

Abir Biswas 

Abir Biswas (he/him)

Interim Academic Dean

Member of the Faculty

The Evergreen State College

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