Recast | PSA: Heat Related Network Shut Down in many buildings on campus

From: “Alfonso, Antonio” <>
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2021 at 5:22 PM


Due to the extreme heat that we are experiencing and anticipating for tomorrow and Monday, several buildings will not have network connectivity until Tuesday morning.  

THIS MEANS THAT WIRED AND WIRELESS CONNECTIONS IN THESE BUILDINGS TO THE INTERNET AND OTHER RESOURCES WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE throughout the outage. Access control and fire alarm and suppression systems will continue to operate normally. The college remains in limited hybrid operations.

To prevent damage to network equipment as temperatures rise above 100 degrees in many of our passively cooled (natural airflow, ventilation, and fans) data closets , we will be shutting down network equipment in the following buildings thru Monday morning:

  • CRC
  • Childcare

And in these building thru Tuesday morning:

  • SEM2   (except for SEM2 PSC)
  • Ag Lab at Organic Farm
  • Longhouse

C&C, Facilities and Police staff are closely monitoring the situation and will take appropriate action should the actual conditions improve or deteriorate over the next few days. We will restore network connectivity as soon as possible once the danger to the equipment is reduced. 

If you must come to campus, please exercise extreme caution, stay hydrated and don’t linger in hot building longer than necessary. 

Stay safe, 

Tony Alfonso,

Associate Vice President

Computing & Communications

The Evergreen State College||360-867-6627

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