Recast | Update on COVID operations planning for winter and spring

From: “Carmichael, John” <>
Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 5:34 PM

One additional change in our COVID operations to share:  Starting next week, Olympia School District swim teams will resume using the Evergreen pool under our existing contract.  They’ll be observing some very strict health protocols, including using <25% of the pool’s capacity, wearing masks at all times when they’re not in the water, and keeping separate from college community members.  School district staff will be responsible for all supervision, and in the event of any suspected COVID outbreak, will coordinate closely with Evergreen staff.  I’m pleased that we’re able to support local schools in this way, and I’m grateful to the staff in the CRC, Facilities, and on the COVID teams who have worked to make this possible. 


John Carmichael

Vice President for Finance and Operations

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