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Sent: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 7:08 PM

Inspiration, attached!

Greetings, all staff and faculty!

Let’s get right to it. Your students and student staff have evaluations (and maybe Final Academic Statements) to write, and we at the Writing Center have resources to support your materials and instruction:

Evaluation Writing Handouts:

Scheduling an Appointment:

Scheduling is easy! We now have more photos on our home page to describe the process.

Evaluation Video:

Want a talking face and screen share (otherwise known as a Zoom video)? 

  • Writing Center Intro and Evaluations: A Brief Overview, [Zoom-hosted video, 21 minutes, Ariel Birks]
    • Originally made with first-year students in mind, but could be great to share with transfer students as well
    • Brief description of Self-Evaluations: purpose, audience
    • Tour of our Self-Evaluation and Evaluation of Faculty resources on our website
    • How-to schedule a one-on-one session with a Writing Center tutor

Beyond Evals:
We also have great resources on the Academic Statement and the transcript in general, including:

Inspiration, attached:

  • Word Cloud! I generated a word cloud from some the sum of all Academic Statements the Writing Center collected, just for fun. (Please excuse the ultra-institutional shape—I think it was the best option available on the free site I used for legibility purposes.)

I was so excited to see our students’ interests and successes represented in this visual way. It showed me that by investing in students’ Academic Statements, we invest not only in each students’ individual culminating narrative, but also in the big picture of what Evergreen values.

  • Background: A few summers ago, I took a clipboard and a pen to the line of graduates waiting to walk at graduation and asked them to donate their statements to us. This got me around 50 donated Final Academic Statement waivers that, through collaboration with Institutional Research, turned into been redacted samples that can be shared with students, staff, or faculty to help us generate better support materials. Big thanks to IR and Reg & Records for their support with that!
  • Question: These Academic Statement examples continue to need a digital home. Where should that be? Do you have a good idea about where these Academic Statement examples should be hosted?

We are about to turn over into a new quarter. How is the writing going in your program or course this quarter? I am happy to consult with you on the best ways to integrate the Writing Center into your winter or spring program/student staffing needs. 


Ariel Birks
Assistant Director, Writing Center


Note: Director Sandy Yannone will be out of the office until the middle of winter quarter. Please let me know how I can serve you in the meantime.  

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