Planning for inclement weather

From: Carmichael, John <>

To:  All Staff and Faculty 

During a year when we’re doing much of our work remotely, Evergreen’s response to weather events may look different than it has in years past.  Ordinarily, if the power is out or campus paths are too icy, we cancel classes and suspend operations.  This year, we may be able to continue remote operations under those conditions.    

Facilities and Computing and Communications have made many improvements to the campus power infrastructure over the past year.  Even if the power is out on campus, we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to maintain access to college web services (e.g., Canvas, Zoom, Outlook, etc.).  We might need to close the physical campus if the power is out or paths are unsafe, but if we’re able to maintain access to web services, we may continue to operate.   

Power outages at our homes may present the greater challenge.  In the event of a power outage that is widespread across the region, we may need to suspend operations because most faculty and staff working from home would be unable to work.  In that event, we will provide notice through the usual channels:  text messages and a message on the college web site.  The Tacoma campus will continue to make decisions based on local conditions in Tacoma. 

To prepare, please take the following actions: 

Make sure that you are signed up for emergency text notifications by logging into your Omnialert/E2Campus account.  This is the best way to receive notifications about the status of campus and college operations. 

If you are working remotely, make a plan for a power outage at home.  If the power outage is not widespread, the college may continue to operate.  If you and your supervisor have identified some work than can be done even without power, you can continue to work.  Otherwise, you would need to use available paid leave or  leave without pay.  Faculty teaching remotely should have a plan to communicate with students in the event that you need to cancel class. 

If you are working on campus,work with your supervisor to make a plan for your work in the event that the physical campus is closed due to weather.  Your supervisor may require you to come to campus to respond to the weather event.  Or you might make a plan to work from home during the closure. 

To aid in planning for a weather event, Computing and Communications has created a page with information on computing resources during power and internet outages.  Human Resource Services has a page on leave policies during suspended operations.   

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