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Winter Registration: Winter Quarter registration is next week and begins 8:00 AM Monday, December 9, 2019.


Big Bets: Bring your best ideas to the “Blue Sky” conversations hosted by the Learning and Teaching Commons. Our collective creative thinking is needed to plan for Evergreen’s future!

  • Thursday, December 5th | 3-5 PM | Sem II A2105
  • Friday, December 6th | 9-11 AM | Sem II A3105
  • Friday, December 6th | 1-3 PM | Sem II A3105

Additional opportunities to join this conversation are being planned for Week 2 in Winter Quarter.


Winter Quarter ILCs and INTs: The due date for undergraduate independent study contracts is December 13, 2019. Remember that individual study is designed for students who are prepared to study at an advanced level, and that students are limited to earning 48 credits of ILCs and 48 credits of internships. More information can be found at Evergreen’s Individual Study webpage. Please support students to get their proposals in on time!


Evals & Eval Week: During Evaluation Week, Evergreen faculty meet with each of their students for evaluation conferences. Don’t forget to schedule a conference for everyone who is completing your course or program. If you have a multi-quarter program, it’s also good practice to meet with your students that week and give them interim evaluations of their academic progress.


Names and Evaluation Writing: As you write fall quarter evaluations you may well encounter a situation in which the name and/or pronoun held by Registration and Records is at variance with the name and/or pronouns of the student whose work you are evaluating. You can support your students in a variety of ways:
(1) Ask them for direction, to maximize their agency in how this permanent public document will read;
(2) Reference the name of record once at the start, and then use the name the student uses throughout the eval (i.e. “Jennifer, who goes by James…” then use James throughout);

(3) Do not use pronouns.

(4) If you use pronouns, please use those that the student wants used in their transcript. He, she, and they in the singular are all common and accepted by the College. If the pronouns the student uses do not match typical assumptions made about the person’s name and gender of record, you must reference the student’s legal name and pronouns you will use at the introduction of the narrative. For example: “Jennifer uses he/his pronouns, as does this evaluation.” For more details and help please see:


Don’t forget that all students are required to write a self-evaluation for each program they take, and this self-evaluation should be turned in through Doing so does not submit the self-evaluation to the student’s transcript (there are plenty of online warnings)! Students are not obliged to post self-evaluations to their transcript.


Credit and Academic Standing Policies: When you talk about credit in your evaluation conferences, make sure to let students know about Evergreen’s Academic Standing policies. Note that there are different conditions for good academic standing and financial aid eligibility. If a student earns less than 3/4 of their credits in a given quarter, they may be risking their financial aid and good academic standing. If they have questions, encourage them to speak with the Academic Deans, Academic Advising, and/or Financial Aid.


Are you using AV equipment in your classroom? Do you ever run into challenges with the technology?

Please remember that since April of 2018, general AV classrooms are now supported by Media Maintenance, a work unit reporting to Rob Rensel and located within Facilities. Please do not request assistance from staff in Electronic Media and Media Loan.

Please make your best attempt to follow posted instruction sheets, including for support requests. More detailed information is available at:

If you need help with AV classrooms call the Classroom Support Line at x6270, or submit a ticket at:


Dean’s Treats: Dean’s treats will be held in the Dean’s Area Meeting Space on December 16, 17, and 18 from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Please bring your own mug! J


We are here to support you. Let us know how.


The Academic Deans | 360.867.6810

 Karen Gaul| Kathleen Eamon | David McAvity | Trevor Speller | Therese Saliba | Larry Geri | Greg Mullins


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