Animating the Sea: Motion, Light and Eyes

Faculty: Ruth Hayes, M.F.A., and Pauline Yu, Ph.D.


Teleost (bony fish)

Barreleye Fish (Macropinna microstoma)

by Miranda Gress   Macropinna microstoma, also known as the barreleye fish, is a fascinating deep sea fish that is found mostly off the coast of California and the North Pacific. Measuring at about six inches long when fully grown, these… Continue Reading →

Black Seadevil (Melanocetus)

This deep sea fish is from the family Melanocetidae in the order Lophiiforms (anglerfish), commonly referred to as black seadevils. “Melanos” deriving from the Greek word for black and “cetus” meaning whale or sea monster. There is only one known… Continue Reading →

Coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae & L. menadoensis)

By Kayleigh Faur The ocean is a big part of our planet, so much of it is unexplored. There seems to be more knowledge about space than what’s hidden in the depths of the sea. Gradually we have been able… Continue Reading →

Common Clownfish (Ocellaris amphiprion)

Mollie Fain The organism I have been researching is the Ocellaris Amphiprion which is commonly known as the False or Common Clownfish. It is a fish that lives in coral reefs and shallow lagoons, in general they are found in… Continue Reading →

Eye and Bioluminescent Organ Vision Study: Anomalops Katoptron, Splitfin Flashlight Fish

By Sara Hoskins Bioluminescence is a widespread evolutionary trait that sea creatures have adapted. The existence of bioluminescent organisms spans from the surface of the ocean to the deep sea. Organisms with bioluminescent characteristics inhabit a vast range of climates… Continue Reading →

The Barreleye Fish (Macropinna microstoma)

When living in a world of complete darkness, it’s crucial to develop a way to detect one’s surroundings in order to survive. Having the ability to find light in such an environment would be an advantage over an abundance of… Continue Reading →

The Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola)

This illustration shows the ocean sunfish sunbathing at the surface of the ocean. Waiting for the parasites, that are attached to the surface of the sunfishes’ skin during deep sea diving, to either be burned by the sun or ripped… Continue Reading →

Weedy Sea Dragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus)

By Yukim Nomoto The Phyllopteryx taeniolatus, also known as the weedy sea dragon or common sea dragon, is part of the Syngnathidae family. Their most recognizable feature is their long, thin snout, which is shared among their taxonomy family members,… Continue Reading →