Animating the Sea: Motion, Light and Eyes

Faculty: Ruth Hayes, M.F.A., and Pauline Yu, Ph.D.


Apex Predator

Apex predators are animals found within all environments, both on land and in the sea. They are not hunted as food by other animals, and therefore have no natural predators. This means these skilled organisms are located at the top of the food web. They know not to be hunted, only to hunt. Some classic examples of apex predators would include lions, orcas, or wolves. Apex predators are a vital part of the food chain, helping to keep populations of other animals under control. Without them, the balance of the animal kingdom with the ecology would be completely interrupted, affecting both us, and the world in general.

Killer Whale (orcinus orca)

Introduction Have you ever wondered why there is an underlying respect for the orca in the food chain? Why do we, as a human’s, see orcas as a non-threatening mammal? But if you were a sea animal, you would be… Continue Reading →

Swimming Movements of the Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias)

By Daye Glisson The Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is considered one of the top predatory fish in the ocean.  They can grow to lengths of up to 6.5m and weigh as much as 2250kg.  White sharks are primarily found in the cooler… Continue Reading →

The Swimming Locomotion of Orcas and the way they Interact in a Pod

By Katie Pestinger The orca (scientific designation Orcinus orca), also known as the killer whale, is the largest dolphin species, and one of the most widespread, living in portions of all of the world’s oceans (National Geographic). They are impressive… Continue Reading →

The White Shark and How it Hunts (Carcharodon carcharius)

Per Kohlstaedt The White Shark, better known as The Great White Shark, is one of the top predators of the ocean and is essential to keeping the balance of marine life. It is the largest predatory fish in the sea… Continue Reading →

Tiger Shark’s Vital Role in Our Oceans (Galeocerdo cuvier)

When I say “shark”, what comes to mind? The ocean, I’m sure, but also the various media that has been created surrounding sharks or shark attacks. Jaws, Sharknado, & Soul Surfer are just a few films that come to mind… Continue Reading →