Plant Profiles in Chemical Ecology

The Secret Life of Plants


Chemical Class

Symbionts vs. Parasites

How Scientists Are Using Plant Signals In The Fight Against Starvation

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Henbane: Witch’s Drug

Hyoscyamus niger, known commonly as henbane, is a plant whose multifaceted nature has a long history of use in Europe. 

Pacific Yew: Tree of Death or Tree of Life?…or Both?

How can a deadly tree species be the key to treating one of the most prevalent and invasive diseases facing humankind today?  With a lengthy history of death, mystery, and a newly discovered phytochemical; has the pacific yew finally redeemed itself?

Yarrow: The Healing Herb of Achilles

          Yarrow has served as a first-aid plant for centuries, if not millenia, of human existence.  Even in this age of chemical medicine, it has lost none of its effectiveness.  

The Chemistry Behind Cannabis: Terpenes

Herald to the Angels’ trumpets- Exploring the many faces of Brugmansia sauveolens

Shamanic healing, Psychic Visions and drug experimentation, Oh my!

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