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Mystery of the Dancing Plant: Perhaps the Most Mystical Pea Plant since Jack’s Magic Beanstalk.

It’s speculated Jack’s magic beanstalk was a member of the Fabaceae family. Turns out, this pea family is still mystifying us. Learn what the author discovered about her own mysterious beans of the dancing plant…

Lemon Balm: Calming Herb You Need In Your Life

Next time you’re stressed or anxious, try turning to a medicinal herb called Melissa officinalis, commonly known as lemon balm.

Delectable Black Gold: Wild Mountain Huckleberry

The Wild Mountain Huckleberry of Western North America Is A Treasured Wild Food & One Of Nature’s Best Kept Secrets

Turmeric: the Golden Guru

Turmeric, the rhizome of the Curcuma longa plant, has been an integral component of many cultures for thousands of years. A vibrant dye, revered ceremonial symbol, and a powerful healing herb, turmeric has a colorful history and a bright future…. Continue Reading →

Chaste Tree: Mother Nature’s Menstruation Remedy

For all my fellow female warriors, population producers, goddesses, and gender-non-conforming individuals with a menstrual cycle, it’s tough out here. With the pink tax still at large and the current political state the way it is, it’s time to start… Continue Reading →

Wheat: The power to rise and collapse civilization

For thousands of years’ wheat has been the fuel for the rise of civilization, but does it also carry the power for the collapse of it?

From Cradles to Coffins: Western Red Cedar, A Tree of Life

Have you ever come across a tree that captivates your attention? A tree that is both mystical and glorious? Ever visited the Redwood Forest that borders northern coastal California? Did you happen to drive through the giant sequoia trees? (If… Continue Reading →

Tea Tree Oil: Nature’s Potent Antiseptic

Tea Tree Oil, composed of over 100 terpenes, is most widely recognized for its antimicrobial effects. Which of these terpenes can this property me attributed to?

This Hiker’s Nightmare is the Medicine Cabinet of the Forest

Prickly devil’s club growing in the Pacific Northwest holds amazing medicinal compounds.

Deadly Nightshade: Not So Deadly After All?

Poison-tipped arrows. Royal assassinations. European witchcraft. Ritual suicide. Throughout humanity’s history, the aptly named Deadly Nightshade, also known scientifically as Atropa belladonna, has had a reputation as a natural killer. The name “Atropa” in Atropa belladonna derives from the Greek… Continue Reading →

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