Utilizing museum collections for ILC’s

Winter 2017, “Intaglio Printmaking” Zoe Kolln (Faculty: Lisa Sweet).

Zoe Kolln did an independent learning contract under faculty Lisa Sweet focused on intaglio printmaking and observational drawing. Zoe utilized the Evergreen natural history museum collections for observational drawings of specimens. Zoe’s drawing sessions resulted in the creation of new designs that were then translated into etchings on copper plates and eventually printed using intaglio printmaking methods. Drawing from life has always been an invaluable experience to Zoe, especially when creating representational images.

Being able to choose from such a wide array of specimens to draw this quarter was an incredible privilege for Zoe, and those experiences ultimately culminated in a better understanding of her subject matter. Furthermore being able to access and explore the collections of specimens the museum has to offer uprooted many artistic ideas that Zoe can execute into the future. The life drawing opportunities that the natural history collection presented allowed Zoe to bring new life and depth into her work.

Through the use of the natural history collections Zoe was able to develop her practical life drawing skills, create some very nice prints, and create some new designs to be transferred into etchings beyond this winter quarter. This quarter Zoe was only able to brush the surface when it came to the resources, information, and support the natural history collection had to offer. Zoe plans to continue accessing and utilizing the space for the remainder of her time at Evergreen, as a way to continue enriching her learning experiences through the wide array of help the natural history collection and collections staff provides.

Examples of Zoe’s work this quarter with our museum collections is shown below.

Turtle Skeleton

Fish Skeleton


We thank Zoe for her sharing her artistic skills with us, and for using museum specimen in order to add to her personal portfolio.