Since our opening in 2006, we’ve employed advanced students in biodiversity studies to help in the maintenance and operation of the museum as a teaching resource. As a paid fellow, students learn skills in collection curation, database management, program assistance, and web presence maintenance. These ten hour a week positions during the academic year are competitive and typically last two-years. Below is a list of all our past student employees as well as our current fellow(s). Currently we are not hiring due to the pandemic.

Natural History Fellows:

Molly Hukari & Utah Newman (2006-2007)
Heron Brae, Brittany Broyles, Thomas Mohagen & Luke Painter (2007-2008)
Heron Brae & Max Whetstine (2008-2009)
Brendon Boudinot & Max Whetstine (2009-2010)
Brendon Boudinot & Jesse Vooz (2010-2011)
Brendon Boudinot, Teresa Skiba, Teal Waterstrat & Wesley Bowens (2011-2012)
Christmas Rounds, Lisa Hintz, Loren Klyne, Mollie Steel & Saff Smith (2013-2014)
Lisa Hintz, Loren Klyne & Rachelle Tews (2014-2015)
Rachelle Tews & Kate Peterson (2015-2016)
Kate Petersen, Allan Davis, & Sam Mejia (2016 – 2017)
Allan Davis, Sam Mejia & Albert McConnathy (2017 – 2018)
Griffin Hart & Albert McConnathy (2018-2019)
Ian Pollitt & Pallas Mabus (2019 – 2020)
Pallas Mabus (2020 – )

Past Student Assistant Collections Manager:

Ben Alexandrowicz (2017-2018)
Saff Killingsworth (2015-2017)
Albert McConnathy (2017-2019) – Master in Environmental Studies Graduate

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