capitol forest

Located southwest of Olympia in the Black Hills of Grays Harbor and Thurston counties, the 110,000-acre Capitol State Forest is both a timber-producing forest and a popular recreation destination. Sites in the forest include the Fall Creek Campground and Trailhead, Middle Waddell Campground and Trailhead, Margaret McKenny Campground and Trailhead, McLane Creek Nature Trail, Mima Falls Trailhead, Porter Creek Campground, and the Rock Candy Trailhead. 

Capitol forest is also home to the Bob Bammert grove. A short hike takes you to this remnant patch of old growth above the confluence of Mima and Mill Creeks, a rarity in the intensively logged south Salish Sea region.

Department of Natural Resources’ Capitol State Forest Resource

Bob Bammert Grove Resource

A Capitol Forest Event: Prairie Appreciation Day! 

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