McLane Creek Nature Trail

McLane Creek Nature Trail. Photo: Frederica Bowcutt, 2021

Located on the eastern edge of Capitol National Forest and at the base of the Black Hills, McLane Creek Nature Trail boasts a 1+ mile footpath around a freshwater wetland. There are extensive boardwalks with educational platforms and viewing areas providing the public with up-close scenes of beaver ponds, salmon and bird habitats, and a low-elevation, second-growth forest without disrupting the natural environment.

Many schools, including pre-schools, kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, college classes, as well as environmental agency staff use McLane Creek for environmental education, research, and other learning purposes. In 2019, over a thousand school children received instruction from volunteers on salmon ecology at McLane Creek.

McLane Creek Trail Map

McLane Creek Basin Water Resource Protection Study

McLane Creek Plant Species List

Native Plant Salvage Foundation

WA Wildlife and Recreation Coalition: McLane Creek

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