About the Biodiversity Center

The mission of the Evergreen Biodiversity Center (formerly the Evergreen Natural History Museum) is to be an accessible educational and research environment for students and faculty of the Evergreen State College while expanding and preserving our collection of plant and animal specimens for biodiversity studies.

Our dry collections contain 8,163 insect specimens, 1,300 mammal specimens, 1,907 bird specimens, 245 specimens in the skull and bone collection, shells, nests and an egg collection. The fluids collection contains 439 specimens ranging from marine invertebrates, to arthropods, fish, amphibians and reptiles. Our herbarium houses 3,066 plant specimens, over 400 lichen specimens, and 457 fungi specimens. The herbarium also contains algae specimens, moss specimens, and botanical teaching collections.

We provide physical and online resources to enrich academic programs that involve biodiversity studies and place-based learning at Evergreen. 

For questions, contact our Director: Frederica Bowcutt, Ph.D.  bowcuttf(at)evergreen and Biodiversity Center Fellow Nick Reinhardt reinic12(at)evergreen.edu