Yarden Solomon

(Kettlwell and Suzanne)

“God I miss it,” he said. “Oh, Suzanne, God, I miss it so much, every day.

Her face fell, too. “Yeah.” She looked away. “I really thought we are changing the world.”

“We were,” he said. “We did.”

“Yeah,” she said again. “But it didn’t matter in the end, did it?” (Doctorow, 169) In this world of constant innovation, do the innovations in the end matter? We want to create, but is it about the end product, or about the creation process itself? In this class, we are spending most of our time on the process of discovering our project and what that means to us, and learning the journeys others took to reach their destination. In Makers, one of the intentions Doctorow may have had in failing Perry and Lester’s project,  is showing that we grow most from the journey, and it is the journey that matters more then the end, material product.