Here are some suggested particulars/constraints for your Blue Rabbit iteration #2: Text

Intro: Begin with your question in its current state.  What idea are you proposing to turn from idea, to text, to image, to 3D printed object? Why?  What about this idea is meaningful to you?  What about this idea inspires your intellectual curiosity?
Literature Review (mini!): Who else is interested in this idea and question? Look for scholarly (e.g. JSTOR and EBSCOhost) and reliable popular articles about the idea (or some aspect of it). Name your authors and/or researchers. What have they written or said or done that resulted in the publication you found?  What kind of publication is it?  Who else reads this kind of book, periodical, website or blog? How were your chosen authorities trained?  Where do they work, doing what? What is their apparent authority on the subject?
Discussion:  Boil it down. What do your authorities or experts say about your idea or question?  How did they explore your idea or question?
Reflection/Conclusion:  How has what you’ve learned from others contributed to or even changed your original idea, or your question?  How could what you’ve learned help you to revise, refine, and focus your idea and inquiry?
-Mechanical Particulars: 1000 words including or excluding quotes.  Speak for yourself–your writing must make sense on its own and make meaning if the quotes weren’t there.  Pay attention to spell checking. References or works cited must be included at end as well as citation used in body.  Experiment with your new Zotero and Zotpress skills for citation and references.  Post by 1 PM Tuesday, week 6.