a. Yes Naturally Chapter using InDesign

  • Text plus images in balance and proportion
  • Story from wk 1 to wk 10, including all iterations
  • Supporting images with captions and by lines and references in bibliography
  • Margin fora and fauna-like 3D printing token (suggestion: borrow and appropriate from iteration #3 student webpages and CST posts). See section about this at end of Yes Naturally, pp 232-233
  • Revised: Center Section of Anthology: pick favorite cst post with image re: how being Suzanne, doing P-O, and reading Makers informed Blue Rabbit. ave CST post of your own CST post with contextualizing intro to how the CST work informed your Blue Rabbit project. A short caption should ID why you selected this post and what you want your reader to see in your post.
  • Overall length of chapter: number of pages 4-6 including 1 title page with minimum of 2 images, number of words = 1500-2000, number of images 6-8 in main body plus 2 on title page. 8-10 total images that must include 1-2 below
  1. Product photo shoot (background color)
  2. 360 Thing-i-view

b. Fora and Fauna Section of Yes Naturally = Writing/Sensing like a “3D printer” through participant-observation in our Cultural Studies of Technology Lab.

Add one page to your Yes Naturally chapter in which you cut and paste your favorite/best CST post with an image that is your “totem” or “fetish.”
Best or favorite might (should) include a Suzanne-like inquiry from Makers followed by your observation, participation, insight from our Monday or Tuesday 3D printing/CST labs.