Photo Intensive Layout: present your idea in a blog post that features a series of images that bring the idea to visual life.

Intro: Begin with your question again in its current state.  What idea are you proposing to turn from idea, to text, to image, to 3D printed object? What does your idea look like?

Photos: use at least five but no more than ten images:

  • at least two photos that you took
  • at least two images from outside sources
  • at least one (additionally) that you manipulated by compositing

Each images should include a caption (use the Caption feature in your blog’s Media Library) that provides a citation in the style you’re using. Consult or

And present at least one screenshot of the development of the idea in TinkerCAD. Other screenshots could be a view of the SLT in Makerware or Meshlab. You can make a screenshot using Snipping Tool in Windows or Grab on Mac OS X. Pay attention to cropping: the view of the model should be uncluttered.

Textual discussion: present a discussion of the idea in relation to the images. Describe the processes you used and what you discovered as result of the image exploration.  How did exploring your idea, visually, change or transform your idea or textual work regarding it?

Looking forward: How has this exploration helped you move forward to iteration #4: the 3D printed object?

Mechanical Particulars: 250 words including or excluding quotes.  Speak for yourself.  Pay attention to spell checking. References or works cited must be included at end as well as citation used in body.  Apply your Zotero and Zotpress skills for citation and references.  Post by 1 PM Tuesday, week 8.