It’s fairly simple this time: upload your finished model, and post photos of the printed object, with some accompanying text to lend context.

  • Export an STL of your finished model from TinkerCAD (or the 3D program you’re using). Upload this STL to your blog, using shortcodes for the STL Viewer plugin. Follow these instructions, including the particular settings for the plugin. Pay special attention to the filename–there should be no spaces at all inside the quotation marks.
    UPDATE: the plugin now requires the full path to the file. Should look something like
  • Include the dimensions of the model (x, y, and z in milimeters), volume and print time (use Makerware to find this out)
  • Post at least one photo of the printed object, if the object has printed.
  • Write a 350-500 word description of how the object fits into your Blue Rabbit idea as it exists now. How did the idea progress to its current physical form? How did the digital modeling environment influence the progress of the idea? How did the technical constraints of 3D printing affect the idea’s progress? And now, what is the fate of your printed object?

Due Tuesday at 1:00.