Evaluation Week Evaluation Conferences with Seminar Faculty

Check here for your sign-up time:  Arlen (Sem2 C2108), Sarah (Sem2 C2106 ext 6561)

Download (DOCX, 38KB)

If you need to change, it’s your responsibility to arrange a swap with another student and to let your seminar faculty know of any change PRIOR to your original time.

Bring to your conference: 1) a hard copy of your student evaluation of your seminar faculty using the official online form, which you must also submit online.; and 2)  a hard copy of your student self-evaluation using the official online form, which you must also submit online.; and 3) a final version of your Academic Statement.  These 750 words should focus on making your cumulative academic work at Evergreen–as well as Evergreen as an alternative public liberal arts institution of higher ed–intelligible and meaningful to an external audience.

Please consider entering the Academic Statement Writing Contest! Deadline is 31 January:


For more info about the Academic Statement requirement and guidelines, including contest winning Academic Statements see:


For one excellent context for linking your program self-evaluation to the role of Evergreen’s liberal arts mission in the larger world, see:

Excerpt from “How Bad Are The Colleges?”

For more information about the seminar faculty evaluation requirement see:


Suggestion: approach the faculty eval in the same manner as your student self-eval.  Write in response to the program description and describe the “how”–describe the ways in which the faculty accomplished each of the program elements (e.g., 3D printing and CST labs, lecture, visual communication workshops, seminars, retreat, etc.)