“What was the sorrow? The death of the new work. The death of the dotcoms. The death of everything he’d considered important and worthy, its fading into tawdry, cheap nostalgia.” -Kettlebelly

Doctorow, C. (2009). Makers (p. 169). New York: Tor.

I help John scan a 3D virtual image of our classmate Loren’s body using an x-box kinect that will take the 3D model scan and transfer it to Johns labtop and save the virtual model with skanect, a free program that can save files as an STL for 3D image designing programs like tinkercad, blender, or 3D printing in makerware. After designing the scan box platform and getting Loren within its parameters, we slowly circle her, scanning every angle to create a 3D model, literally objectifying her. The potential for scanning and sharing downloadable, printable “things” is mind boggling. Soon online clothes shopping you will be customizing everything to your specific body and downloading it to 3D print. This gives me the idea to get an x-ray of my own body part, such as my hand, and transfer that image into a 3D model for printing to get a replica of my own bones to tinker with!