John Grieco


Week Four Entry

“Have you managed to fill the flea market?” It had taken Perry a long time to fill his, and still he had a couple of dogs—a tarot reader and a bong stall, a guy selling high-pressure spray-paint cans and a discount porn stall that sold naked shovelware by the petabyte.”[356]

Excerpt From: Doctorow, Cory. “Makers.” iBooks.

“Yeah, I got proteges up and down New England. A lot of them settled here after the crash. One place is as good as another, and the housing was wicked-cheap once the economy disappeared. They upped stakes and came to Boston as soon as I put the word out. I think everyone’s waiting for the next big thing.”[356]

Excerpt From: Doctorow, Cory. “Makers.” iBooks.

While observing my classmates this week, with the assigned readings fresh in mind, I am reminded of the creative flea market Cory Doctorow described in Makers.  As I walked around the room I observed small groups of people sharing with one another the projects they have been working on.  Musical instruments, Sunglasses, Bells and Vases among many other designs ready to be turned into physicals object at any moment.  Right before my eyes was the Making Meaning Matter flea market of what I am confident is filled with meaningful things; much different from any flea market I had ever attended.