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IMG_20141026_151550541_HDR“I’m not delivering any news if I tell you the world is a piece of hell for millions of people. There are always a few who manage to find a way out, humans are capable of the best as well as the worst, but you can’t change human destiny. We live in a dark age, when freedoms are diminishing, when there is no space for criticism, when totalitarianism — the totalitarianism of multinational corporations, of the marketplace — no longer even needs an ideology, and religious intolerance is on the rise. Orwell’s ‘1984’ is already here.”

-Eberstadt, Fernanda. “José Saramago, the Unexpected Fantasist.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 25 Aug. 2007. Web. 26 Oct. 2014.

“A new powerful metaphor was spreading rapidly: that the mind is to the brain as a computer program is to the hardware of the computer it runs.”

-Malafouris, Lambros. How Things Shape the Mind: A Theory of Material Engagement. MIT, 2013. 26. Print.

Things are getting more involved this week as the class presented its’ ideas for their unique ‘Blue Rabbit’ projects. The diversity amongst the group is astounding yet there do remain some overarching concepts that seem to be present in all of the designs. Specifically in reference to the following: everyone plans to use the schools MakerBots to produce their items, their own path through life has inspired their design, and that the target market is not just the individual, meaning that the sphere of influence for these ideas hopes to effect peoples globally. Interest also appears to be growing towards expanding past the current software that is the class standard, as many struggled with the Tinkercad website as its corporate owner shifted the login procedure as well as the limits of the website itself.

(note how Shapeways used my design as targeted advertisement back at the designer…)

I also made this ;)


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