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Dimensions: 30mm x 26mm x .8mm

mr_mmm_images-00058 mr_pick

This is the Tooth-Pick.  The name “Tooth-Pick” came to me suddenly while thinking of how it looks and how it also relates to the style of crazy guitarists (Jimi Hendrix)  using their teeth as picks.  I really enjoy this sound on my acoustic projects now, but want to get it printed in nylon instead of PLA as nylon is more flexible and doesn’t break so easily.  The idea of the project has always remained the same, but as time progressed and many hours of testing ensued, the design and name became realized.

I jammed with Cooper and asked him about his finger-style guitar playing, and he told me how he really likes to feel the connection of the strings to his actual hand instead of having a mediator between them.  I then proceeded to play without picks a lot and for a moment thought the whole idea of plectrums was outdated.  But when I decided to cover Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix, I realized that to get the twang and bite on the guitar I needed a pick.  So this project has really challenged my sound and brought me to realize both polarities to the plectrum question and now I hold both polarities and realize that “There is a time and place for everything under the sun” -Solomon.