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Dimensions: 35mm, 68mm and 83mm Print Time: 55 Minutes Material Use: About 11g I decided to design an object that I believe is representative of my Grandfather and his battle with prostate cancer.  My idea was to originally create many edible objects that I would design to represent a person and then watch them basically eat themselves.  This idea I learned early on would be an ambitious one, still I decided to run with it.  I wanted to print something that got rid of the plastic altogether and also something that would be fun and exciting to hold and eat.  The only physical part of my project that I can show anyone are the pieces of an unfinished extruder, which I didn’t design.  The extruder was really the only thing that could have made my project work, and due to the time constraint I wasn’t able to print and assemble all pieces successfully.  I’ve learned much about the actual printer, and it’s capabilities and how error is more common than success.  Without already having a 3D printer that could actually print food I was forced to find an alternative, one that unfortunately didn’t reach success.  With the time constraint, and everyone else printing objects and the parts of my extruder failing, by the time I publish this post there will not be a complete, physical and edible object for anyone to eat.  The fate of this object, is that it will probably be printed in plastic, and I will still give it to my Grandfather.  My initial interest in printing food was that I would give it to people as a gift, and study the importance behind gift giving.  Then it turned into me not wanting to use plastic which is ultimately the only thing I used.  Overall I’m happy with what I chose to do this quarter, sure the execution is a bit off and there is a lot missing but overall I really enjoyed the research I found.  There is actually a market for printing food, it’s slowly emerging and finding a market, pretty soon there will be a real life Willy Wonka.