These video clips are linked via dropbox because the files sizes were to large to share on vimeo. I’ve included them here mostly to show¬†what DIDN’T WORK. It is important for me to think about my “failed” attempts and what made them “failures” to begin with.

In the first video you can see me attempting to hang a translucent piece of cellophane in-between the projector and white wall. This is a technique I have used in the past, but with multiple, larger CLEAR pieces of cellophane. The translucent-ness of the cellophane used here did not give me the effect I was hoping for.

In the second video you can see the embroidered nightgown hanging in-between the projector and white wall. I liked this method better than the cellophane, because it felt much more significant to have the recording — of the physical act and labor of me embroidering — literally projected onto (and therefore, also held inside of) the materiality and meta-physicality of the nightdress. In this video you can also see me playing with the aperture of the camera to create multi-color, multi-dimensional lines flashing¬†on the screen. This confirms the digital/virtual nature of the project, and once again points towards questions about language and translatability.