Description of work:



Although I was not able to convert the video/audio components into a Flash animation, I feel that the two raw files exist on their own in a way that is still engaging. I am overall happy with the new techniques I used to edit the video in Adobe Premiere. It has been a while since the last time I used Premiere, so I was excited to start up with it again and teach myself some new skills. It felt like a challenge to reconsider the old ways I had thought about producing images and combining them with this software. It was also interesting for me to note how I interacted with this Adobe program in comparison to Adobe Flash CC, which I spent most of this summer session working with. I encountered less technical problems with Premiere, but felt that I was missing out on all the fun of problem-solving in Flash. Flash CC has definitely given me a lot of grief, but I am still exited to work with it in the future and continue to grapple with and (eventually) master some of the techniques I’ve discovered thus far. Overall, this was an explorative process for me. I am very critical of myself and the work I produce, but I don’t think I have failed. I may have started something new that I will never truly finish, but I am devoted to this kind of never-ending back and forth work.

Also, as a quick note on the audio production: it felt really gratifying to record this audio track. Recently I have been thinking a lot about what it means to create instrumental/rhythmic/vocal sounds meant to coincide with visual information. I’ve been really shy about my music making in the past and have kept most of my work strictly personal (for my own ears only), but including the audio in this project has really helped me to see the potential in bridging this gap (between my personal music making and video/media project explorations). A lot of untold power thrives within the sonic organization of a film.  I want to experiment with this more in the future, and I happy that this small project has made me feel more confident and capable of doing so.